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Sustainability is a top priority with our methods, and we choose not to use any chemical based fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or medication for our animals. We strive to use only our own compost, manure, and herbs to meet all of these needs, because we believe that will bring your family and ours the highest quality products. 


What Our Customers Say

Just wanted to tell you that the Lymphatic massage oil I bought is helping! I’ve not been diligent to apply it 2x a day but usually once. When I began, I would feel certain areas that felt like blockages that actually hurt as I applied the oil. They are significantly less now and I’ve gained some control over the daily up and down of the swelling! I’ll need more soon
Thank you for my order! It came so fast! The headache roll on smells beautiful and works great! I put it on my neck and temples when I first started to get a headache this morning and I don't have a headache now! I put the magnesium lotion on and it is so soft! Thank you!
This is the only natural deodorant I've found that actually WORKS. I used the charcoal face mask as an armpit detox when I made the switch from conventional deodorant so I didn't have to deal with any irritation.