Spiced Lemonade


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This has been a fan favorite with my friends and fam far and wide already.

The kids like when I pack it cold in their lunch boxes. It’s delicious hot or cold. Think of it as Chai flavored Lemonade.

I love making this with ingredients that warm my belly and soul. My recipe has 10X as much Vit c per serving as a glass of orange juice. Here’s what’s in it:

Organic Turmeric- brain booster, antioxidants, anti inflammatory, helps with pain, helps prevent cancer, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease, helps with depression.

Organic Ginger- immune boosting, digestive support, brain boosting, Anti-inflammatory, supports healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Organic Ceylon Cinnamon- promotes heart health and stable blood sugar, antioxidants, fights infections and viruses, promotes oral health, candida fighting, great for skin health, helps with allergies.

Organic Black pepper- *just a tiny bit, you can’t even taste it. Protects the liver, may prevent cancer, supports gut health and brain health, lowers blood pressure. Also works in conjunction with the turmeric to reduce inflammation.

Organic Lemon- Aids digestion and detoxification, promotes weight-loss, rejuvenates skin from the inside out, prevents kidney stones, enhances immunity.

Organic vitamin C powder- boosts the immune system, gently detoxes, prevents anemia, helps with gout.

It’s as easy to brew as a cup of tea.

16 servings per bag

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