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Charcoal Luffa Soap (now also available without luffa)

Each of these bars of soap is embedded with a piece of luffa which I grew myself last summer. This soap is detoxifying, deodorizing, and deep cleaning. It’s a favorite for teens who are dealing with body odor or oily skin for the first time, but this mama loves it for herself too! A great compliment would be our Cocoa Butter Lotion Bar, and our Herbal Deodorant.

The star ingredients-


Contrary to popular belief, luffa is not a sea sponge. It grows and harvests like a squash / gourd, and after you peel and clean it, you are left with a beautiful natural sponge that is both gentle yet sturdy.

Man made sponges and plastic “loofa” puffs can be breeding grounds for all kinds of nasty bacteria.

However, natural luffa contains its very own antibacterial properties that help keep it fresh for months of even years.

Activated Charcoal-

The visible skin benefits of activated charcoal are:

* Exfoliation without stripping the face of natural oil

* Deeply cleansing to pores

* Improves acne

* Removes blackheads

* Relieves skin impurities

* Detoxifying and purifying

* Shrinks pores

* Tightens the skin

* Treats insect bites

* Washes away odors easily

Bentonite clay-

Our everyday lives expose us to pesticides, lead, and trace metals like copper on a regular basis. These toxins can accumulate in the body and keep it from functioning correctly.

Bentonite Clay has been found to help absorb these toxins and others out of your body, and wash them away. The clay carries a slight electrical charge that attracts toxins deep in your skin, and pulls them out.

It also helps draw out irritants from bug bites, bee stings, and poison ivy.

Bentonite clay is also helpful for unclogging pores, and washing away excess oil. It’s very soothing for irritated skin.

Tallow- Rich in vitamin A, D, E, and K, tallow feeds your skin only what it needs, and leaves it feeling more moisturized than ever. Pure beef tallow resembles our skin composition so distinctly, it makes for the ideal moisturizer that is well received by your skin. Our tallow is sourced from locally raised beef that was grass fed and grass finished, and mRNA free.

None of my products are intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Consult with your physician before using any herbs or supplements.

Testimonial from a customer-

"I LOVE the charcoal luffa soap!!! The shampoo bar is amazing also!"

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5-6 oz bar with luffa, 3 oz bar with luffa