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A tincture is an infusion of an herb or herbs, for medicinal use. Certain preparations of liquids are used to extract the beneficial plant compounds out of the plant solids. My tinctures are highly concentrated so a few drops goes a long way. To use a tincture, simply add a few drops to a glass of water and drink it. 

Sage has been traditionally used for the treatment of digestive and circulation disturbances, bronchitis, cough, asthma, angina, mouth and throat inflammations, depression, excessive sweating, skin diseases, and many other diseases. Sage extracts have been used in the treatment of a wide range of diseases like those of the nervous system, heart and blood circulation, respiratory system, digestive system, and metabolic and endocrine diseases.

Known for it's beneficial effects on memory disorders and depression, Sage has also been used for centuries as a restorative of lost or declining mental functions such as in Alzheimer's disease. It improves the memory and cognition, and with increasing dosage, the mood gets elevated as well as alertness, calmness, and contentedness increase.

Sage is high in many nutrients including vitamin k, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, and vitamins A, C, & E. Sade contains over 160 different antioxidants. It can lower cancer risk, and improve brain and memory function. Sage may lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. Sage has been shown to help lower blood sugar levels and even support bone health in post menopausal women.

Sage may help dry up breast milk when weaning a baby. Not to be used by pregnant women, breastfeeding women, or children.

other ingredients- cane alcohol, filtered water

1 oz

None of my products are intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Consult with your physician before using any herbs or supplements.

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"I was so reluctant to start taking these Tinctures with the thought in my head that they were going to taste / smell awful. They aren't at all! Silly me. Hahaha!"