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A tincture is an infusion of an herb or herbs, for medicinal use. Certain preparations of liquids are used to extract the beneficial plant compounds out of the plant solids. My tinctures are highly concentrated so a few drops goes a long way. To use a tincture, simply add a few drops to a glass of water and drink it. 

Poke Root is an immune stimulant.

Poke has anti-tumor properties, and studies show that it can kill breast cancer cells. Other studies show evidence that it works against colon cancer.

Poke root is also sometimes used for inflammation and breast conditions like mastitis. It has also been shown to destroy bacteria responsible for periodontal disease and cavities.

The benefits of Poke root have long been documented and its biggest effect is its influence on the lymphatic system, stimulating glandular action. This action is shown to be helpful for relieving swollen glands, goiter, enlarged thyroid glands, lymphadenitis, and mumps. As well as not only flushing the lymph nodes but also building or rebuilding the immune system. It is also beneficial as an antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, anti-tumor (cancer fighting), antibacterial, antifungal and expectorant. Poke root has constituents that have been researched to establish its effects on lymphocytic cells of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), and certain types of cancers. Poke root is to be used for symptoms of colds, flu, sore throat, mastitis and tonsillitis as a treatment and not a prevention. Poke roots antiviral protein shuts down the ribosomal “energy generators” in cells infected by HIV.

Poke can be toxic if not prepared or used properly. Please take caution. It is usually recommended to try other remedies first, and follow up with poke only if more support is needed. The recommended dosage on this is tiny… just a single drop per day. Not for use in pregnancy or for children.

Other ingredients cane alcohol, water.

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None of my products are intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Consult with your physician before using any herbs or supplements.

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"I was so reluctant to start taking these Tinctures with the thought in my head that they were going to taste / smell awful. They aren't at all! Silly me. Hahaha!"