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A tincture is an infusion of an herb or herbs, for medicinal use. Certain preparations of liquids are used to extract the beneficial plant compounds out of the plant solids. My tinctures are highly concentrated so a few drops goes a long way. To use a tincture, simply add a few drops to a glass of water and drink it. 

Cat’s Claw is known for its positive effects on immune functions. Cat’s claw works both by boosting your immune response and calming an overactive immune system. Its anti-inflammatory properties could be responsible for its immune benefits.

Those who suffer from arthritis have taken cat’s claw and noticed reduced pain and stiffness, and improved joint function.

The bark has been used for centuries in South America as a traditional medicine for many conditions, such as inflammation, cancer, and infections.

Cat’s claw contains several powerful compounds — such as phenolic acids, alkaloids, and flavonoids that promote health.

However, there is currently not enough research to support many of its supposed benefits, including for the following conditions that it has been used for:

  • cancer
  • viral infections
  • anxiety
  • allergies
  • high blood pressure
  • gout
  • stomach and bowel disorders
  • asthma
  • ovarian cysts
  • AIDS

Due to the lack of research, it’s unclear whether cat’s claw is an effective or safe treatment option for these ailments.

Avoid use in children. Cat's claw preparations may cause tissue rejection in patients undergoing organ or tissue (including bone marrow) transplants. The plant's active ingredients may interact with certain hormones, vaccines, and medications to suppress the immune system.

Other ingredients- cane alcohol, filtered water.

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None of my products are intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Consult with your physician before using any herbs or supplements.