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This immune boosting antioxidant syrup can be used daily for overall health, or multiple times a day during times of illness. 

Quercetin acts as an agent to lower coagulation, hyperglycemia, inflammation, and hypertension. Various clinical studies show that supplementation of quercetin is used to prevent and treat various chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disorders. People with high intakes of quercetin have significantly lower risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Quercetin reduces oxidative damage to fats and cholesterol, which deters fat accumulation and reduces cholesterol's stickiness and ability to block arteries. Research studies confirm that quercetin is valuable for weight loss, and for achieving an optimal weight and BMI. Research has shown that this flavonoid can block baby fat cells from maturing and is highly effective at inhibiting the rate of new fat cell formation.

Several studies highlight the potential use of quercetin as an antiviral, due to its ability to inhibit the initial stages of virus infection, to slow viral replication, and to reduce inflammation caused by infection. It is also shown to inhibit bacterial cell growth. 

Quercetin may protect kidneys by alleviating renal toxicity and inflammation.

It's believed to help increase athletic performance and endurance, likely because of its positive effects on blood flow.

Ingredients- filtered water, raw honey, organic lemon peel and juice.

8 oz

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